Major Dream – A Memoir For The Decade

“Major Dream: From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard PhD” is the memoir of Jin Kyu (Suh) Robertson, PhD. When reading Robertson’s memoir, you’ll soon realize that her life is the true representation of the “American Dream.” Absolutely nothing was too great for her to overcome – and she succeeded in both life and career despite the oppressive obstacles she faced.

The beginning story of “Major Dream” begins with Jin receiving her PhD from Harvard at the age of 57 – not exactly the age of most college “students.” It was an extraordinary moment in her life and one that she shared with family and friends who supported her. It was also the culmination of everything she had accomplished in her thirty-five years of being in America.

Harvard degrees and the level of success that Jin has received as an International motivational speaker and writer didn’t come easy for this Korean immigrant who began her life in America as a housemaid. She was twenty-two years old, spoke no English and after purchasing a one-way ticket, had only $100 to her name – plus crushing debts to pay.

Born in 1948 in a small Korean fishing village named Wollae, Jin was pretty much isolated from the world. Her parents had never been to school and the family lived in abject poverty. Jin’s father was a forced-laborer in a coalmine and Jin provides enough of her family’s background for readers to visualize how denigrating their lives were.

“Major Dream” is truly remarkable in that it tells the story from beginning to present day of a young woman who succeeded against all odds and who ran the gamut from factory worker, waitress and housemaid to become a Major in the United States Army, Harvard graduate, a popular inspirational/motivational speaker and bestselling author.

Jin’s story in “Major Dream” will appeal to every one of all ages who desire to live happier and more fulfilled lives. Immigrants to America, students, people who are trying to build careers or businesses and military personnel will especially find inspiration in “Major Dream”‘s pages.

Jin is quite popular on the motivational speaking circuit, but somehow found time in her busy schedule to write her memoir, “Major Dream”, and currently is the host of a radio talk show on the Voice of America/World Talk Radio called “American Dreams: The Sky Is the Limit.”

“Major Dream” is an engaging read that will have you hooked from the beginning page and keep you mesmerized to the end. Jin’s story has been lauded by critics as “one of the most profoundly affecting memoirs of the decade.” Her incredible success proves that people really can create the lives they desire.

Regardless of background and hurdles to be faced, readers will find hope from “Major Dream: From Immigrant

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